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About Us

The PeeKeeper Dog Diaper Story...

Our founder Lisa adopted a toy fox terrier named Dash from a local shelter. Every time he got frightened he would have an accident. She tried just about every kind of belly band and doggy diaper on the market but they wouldn't stay on Dash. He would wriggle out of it or her other dogs would pull it off of him when they played. Out of frustration with other products and the cost of trying new ones,she created the PeeKeeper. The PeeKeeper is the only dog diaper on the market with a harness so it won't slip off and it's adjustable around the neck, length wise and the waist for a good fit.
Lisa realized there were probably alot of people out there who were looking for a solution for their "leaky" dogs. She decided to go into business and make the PeeKeeper available to all those other dog lovers who were as frustrated as she had been with belly bands and dog diapers that just didn't work.

The response has been great and we now have many happy customers around the country. Take a look at the Photopage for some very cute PeeKeeper dogs.

Lisa in the office with Dash, the dog who inspired the original PeeKeeper

Lisa with her dog Dash, the inspiration for the PeeKeeper

Lisa at an event with some of the guys from Rescue Ink

Lisa with Johnny & Al from Rescue Ink

We still make each PeeKeeper dog diaper here in the USA. We use soft breathable cotton flannel or cotton denim. We do not use a waterproof barrier because that would be very hot and uncomfortable for the dog. A generic feminine mini or maxi pad or adult incontinence pad is all you need to stop the mess. Just place it inside the PeeKeeper dog diaper and toss it when it gets wet. No washing diapers every time. However, the PeeKeeper can be machine washed in cold water and dried when needed.

If you have a problem with a dog peeing or marking in the house, give the patented PeeKeeper dog diaper a try. We're sure you (and your dog!) will be happy you did.

Here at PeeKeeper we really do say what we do & do what we say!