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Save your furniture, Save your floors!

The ESCAPE-PROOF PeeKeeper dog diaper is the solution you've been searching for if you have a dog that pees or marks in the house. The ESCAPE-PROOF PeeKeeper is comfortable for your pet and easy to use. Simply place a feminine pad or adult incontinence pad inside the PeeKeeper and toss the pad when it gets wet.


Peekeeper is the

Ultimate Solution


  • Incontinent dogs
  • Territorial Marking
  • Dogs in heat
  • Excitable or submissive urination
  • Worry free travel
  • House training

Before you select a size first measure your dog. CLICK HERE for measuring instructions

What they say

  • "Amazing product...changed my dog's life!"
  • "We received the peekeepers for our two pugs over the holidays! They fit perfectly - like little overalls. I think the guys like it! They think it's a new outfit! Thanks for making such a great product! Much friendlier than the belly bands!"
  • "They are just about the greatest invention EVER for senior and ‘special needs’ dogs!! I only wish I'd known about the PeeKeeper sooner, I've been wrestling with diapers and belly bands for years with my various foster dogs."
  • "Dog saver, carpet saver, wood floor saver, tile grout saver, most of all marriage saver!!!"
  • "Love it! have now ordered a PeeKeeper in every color."
  • "Amazing product...My Lhasa looks so cute, kind of looks like he has a little outfit on..I tried diapers but they fell off...then I tried the band that too didn't work...I was so glad to find your site...It has made my life so much easier I don't have to watch his every move..I think it makes Jaspur's life better too."
  • "Around here we call the PeeKeeper magic pants!"
  • "Lo and behold I found PeeKeepers! I cannot even begin to tell you the happiness my husband and I feel when we see her zipping around the house with abandon since she has the PeeKeeper. You can see by how she is acting that she is very happy now. She even sleeps better at night. When I saw the difference in her, I ordered another PeeKeeper (one to wear, one to wash)."

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Here at PeeKeeper

we say what we do & do what we say!

The thing we hear most often from new customers is “I wish I had found you sooner!” Unlike other products that are nearly impossible to keep on, the patented PeeKeeper is totally nonslip. It has an adjustable harness and it won't slide off the shoulders like some diapers with straps just around the neck. It is more effective than a belly band. Don’t waste your time or money, order a PeeKeeper today!